Upcoming Standard Litter 

Pricing $3200
Size 50 - 75lbs   
Expecting F1's
Our next Standard F1 litter is planned for Winter 2022
Securing a pick of the litter
  • We require a $500 deposit, made via Venmo, Apple Pay or Zelle. 
  • Are non-refundable. We do not accept gender or color requests. If you are unable to find your furever friend with your current litter selection, then your deposit will be transferred to a future litter of your choosing and you would then have picks 2-4 after breeders choice of the future litter. 
Please Note
  • We can only give an estimated due date for our planned litters, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature planning the breedings according to the estimations of our female's heat cycle. These are future planned breedings. The pregnancies have not been confirmed.
  • Expected coloring of pups are also an estimation. We do not guarantee colors or genders. Every litter is so different and unique.
Last updated March 2021
- Standard F1 Litter -
Confirmed Litter
Born - 2/21/21
Take Home Date - 4/10/21
Expected size 50-75lbs
Pups are Red and Apricot. Some with white abstract markings.
Dam: Lucy - 56lbs - AKC Golden Retriever
Sire: Grizzly - 50lbs - Red Standard AKC Poodle
Reservation List  
Pick #1 - Lowe Family         
Pick #2 - Reitmeyer Family              
Pick #3 - Reitmeyer Family         
Pick #4 - MooreFamily   
Pick #5 - Tran Family 
Pick #6 - Linn Family
Pick #7 - Tewawina Family
Pick #8 - Smith Family
Pick #9 - Barney Family
Pick #10 - Treadway Family
AKC Golden Retriever
Lucy is the loyal companion and best fiend of her three human boys. The daily adventures of digging in the dirt and hunting for birds with her little humans is what she lives for. She is wonderful mother and looks after all her babies, humans included!  
AKC Standard Poodle
Grizzly is loyal, obedient and smart. He loves people, especially children and babies. He is also training to be a service dog.